Core values

Respect. We believe that every human being has inherent value and everyone should be treated with dignity. Every person is equal as a human being and before the law, and no one person is superior to anyone else. 

Connection. We build relationships, which are the cornerstone of all our work.

Accountability. We are for the lives, human rights, and well-being of all persons, across all people in need.

Teamwork. We are working with a synergistic way of working with each person committed and working towards a shared goal.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion . Make informed, effective, and confident decisions when it matters most. Build smarter teams by capturing the measurable benefits of diverse voices. Take the next step! Benefit Today.

Name of country/ Djibouti- Improving lives of the People and Protection of street child.

Geographical area(s) of operation: The proposed funding for ASSOCIATION HUMANITAIRE POUR LES DÉMUNIES in Djibouti will targets Refugees , and local areas including host communities in Djibouti City. 

Overall objective of the country programme/response: ASSOCIATION HUMANITAIRE POUR LES DÉMUNIES  Djibouti will focuses on supporting durable solutions within the evolving Comprehensive the community Response.

Target population(s):  Djibouti  programming will primarily focus on the  communities, and Refugees as well as  climate change induced displacement For IDPs, focus will be on areas already hosting huge local community  numbers and therefore having to bare both burden of hosting the community  and at the same time the effects of climate change/ recurrent and prolonged droughts.   

Sector(s): Djibouti sectoral focus will be on education, livelihoods and  (Community services ), plus protection , Provide hygiene and NFIs to Vulnerable people in the Community .HOM  will also support shelter interventions and providing WASH in the context of life saving especially for Refugee and community in Djibouti city.